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Welcome! I am currently a post-doctoral research associate in Astronomy at the University of Virginia (Dept. of Astronomy). I am also a member of the Virginia Initiative on Cosmic Origins.

My research lately focuses on topics within, or related to, planet formation, protoplanetary disks and protostellar outflows:

  • Numerical methods for simulation of hydro-, magneto- and radiation hydrodynamics, in particular high performance and adaptive resolution methods.
  • The earliest stages of planet formation, particularly while the protoplanetary accretion disk still dominates (e.g., planetary embryo formation and growth).
  • The chemistry and thermodynamics of protoplanetary disks, in particular things which can affect the disk structure. Molecular and icy chemistry in protoplanetary disks also falls under this umbrella.
  • The launching and collimation of magnetically-driven jets from young stellar objects;
  • Photoevaporation of protoplanetary discs by stellar UV photons.

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January 2019

2018 was a busy year, which included me moving from Copenhagen, Denmark to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA!

I’ve already been here 6 months and only now am I updating my personal website!!

I miss Copenhagen, but I’m enjoying myself in CVille. ;)