James Phillips         

James Phillips



Email: phillips (at) virginia (dot) edu
Office: Kerchof 401
Office Hours: Monday 1:00 - 3:00; Thursday 12:30 - 1:30

About Me

I am a sixth-year graduate student at the University of Virginia working toward my Ph.D in mathematics under Andrew Obus. I am interested in questions in algebraic geometry, number theory, and Galois theory. I am currently working on problems related to branched covers of curves defined over discretely-valued fields. Specifically, I am looking at stable models of Galois covers.


I have a CV!


One-point covers of elliptic curves and good reduction, 2017. Preprint.


Instructor of Record:

2018 Fall, Math 1310, Calculus I
2018 Spring, Math 1320, Calculus II
2017 Fall, Math 1210, Survery of Calculus I
2016 Fall, Math 1210, Applied Calculus I
2016 Spring, Math 1320 Calculus II
2015 Fall, Math 1210 Applied Calculus I
2015 Spring, Math 1220 Applied Calculus II
2014 Fall, Math 1210 Applied Calculus I

Teaching Assistant:

2014 Spring, Math 3250, Ordinary Differential Equations
2013 Fall, Math 1320, Calculus II