Zion National Park

The first European to see Zion were early Mormon explorers. Nephi Johnson was a scout who discovered Zion in 1858, and the formations are named by the Mormons.

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DISCLAIMER: The size of the formations just does not come across in photos. The Angel's Landing, for example, is 1400' high!

One of the first views greet you entering from the East (Mt. Carmel Junction) is the aptly named Checkerboard Mesa which was formed from layers sandstone which was bent and broken by teutonic forces and weathered by the elements. .

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After passing throught the narrow, low mile long tunnel, you can look back and see one of the view ports on  the tunnel (center red slab near the bottom right).

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Looking down the main Zion canyon from the road junction.

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At the visitor's center along with a bit of ranger humor. Actually, the question about time is not  ridiculous. 40 miles away to the South, Arizona is NOT on daylights savings time, so there is an unexpected hour difference.

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View across canyon from Visitor's Center

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Views from the Middle Emerald Pool trail which loops into the Lower Pool Trail--about 2 miles for the whole loop.

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Note the people walking under the falls.

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View up Zion Canyon from Middlel Emerald Pool Trail

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On the box Zion canyon road. This massive slap overhangs the road.

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One of the little peebles that fell off the massive cliffs overhanging the valley.

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