Panoramic Shots in the Grand Canyon

 jimdav.jpg (38892 bytes) At the top and maybe 1000' feet in


Top: The view from very near the top of South Kaibab Trail. The river gorge can be clearly seen in the center and wandering off down the canyon above the butte on the left. The other side of the canyon is about 10 miles away.

Bottom: Looking east from about the rest area on Cedar Point.

Top: Looking north near the rest area on Cedar Point on South Kaibab Trail. The gorge is to your left.

Bottom: Part way down the initial steep descent on South Kaibab Trail. You can make out the trail dropping down the face of the butte in the center.

Top: The muddy Colorado. The bad news is that to get out on the Bright Angel Trail (left) you go quite far down hill!

Bottom: Part way into the river gorge above Phantom Ranch on South Kaibab Trail.

Top: Just about to drop off of the Tonto plateau into the river gorge.

Bottom: Coming out of the Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. This is about when you exit the ravine coming up from the river. The distant peak (about 4000' above you) is where you want to go.

Top: A view on Bright Angel Trail of Indian Springs (the green in the center). Indian Springs is 3000' below the crest, but you are still only about half way out here.

Bottom: A view from Indian Springs looking out.

grandout.jpg (26988 bytes)

At the top! At the end. But we are a lot more ragged out than we look.