Grand Canyon North Rim (5/1999)

I told you it was cold!

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Views from the main point

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Note the people on the outcrop.

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South Rim 10 miles away (wide angle and 110 mm telephoto). 10 miles by air and 215 miles by car!

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The two trails to the bottom are indicated. The 5 miles on the left is Kaibab. On the right the longer trail goes through Indian Springs (indicated by arrow) and is the water source on the way out.


Views from ?? Point Drive

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Nice view of the Colorado River

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As far as I know this is the only place where you can view the Colorado River through an arch from the top of the Canyon. Note the people on the arch.

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Anasazi ruins at top. They  moved their possessions and livestock from the bottom to the top for the summer months.

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