Chaco Canyon

      Probably the first thing you are going to notice about Chaco Canyon is the roads.  To say the least:  they've got character.  The roads are dirt, and the Park Service likes them just the way they are.   The roads are intentionally not improved for many reasons.  For the most part it boils down to saving money and keeping the visitor load down.  Over-crowding is a big problem at a lot of national parks.  They also believe it gives their park more character.  After you've driven the washboard roads you'll agree.

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Of course, the main attraction is the ruins.  For the following pictures keep in mind: these structures are 900+ years old.  The longevity of the craftsmanship (as well as the wood supports) is as impressive as the work itself.  The structures themselves are beautiful.  What is left creates a maze to the eyes, as well as mysteries for the mind.   There are the expected kivas, but the triple-walled one pictured here is unusual, and the reason for it unknown.

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The following pottery is a good example of the classic Chaco style: the white slip with the black characters.  There is a definite resemblance between this and the modern Acoma pottery.

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Modern Acoma pot

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