Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Local Clowns and Beggars

Clearly related to chipmunks, these ubiquitous moochers are Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

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Navajo Loop Trail


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Thor's Hammer

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In the Bottom

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Wall Street (entering and coming out)

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Looking Back into Wall Street (note people)

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Southern Drive

While there are many arches in the canyon, Natural Bridge is one of the most easily reached. This photogenic arch is at a pull-off. Actually, Natural Bridge is an arch since it was worn by wind and rain rather than by flowing water.

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This shot was at the end of the road (9100'). The fine print reads "ice and snow hazards", but there certainly wasn't any right then. The trail probably just needed repairs. However, at 9100' it could easily close for snow at any time--at nearly the same altitude it did snow on us two days later in southern Colorado.

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Looking Eastward from Yovimpa Point

On a clear day, you are supposed to be able to see New Mexico from here!

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Rainbow Point looking north up the canyon from the direction you came.

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Looking  eastward from Rainbow Point. One of the hiking trails goes out onto the point.

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Rim Trail from Bryce Point to Inspiration Point

Every view is a different canyon!

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Wall of Windows

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Silent City from Sunset Point

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Fairyland Point

This is the youngest portion of the canyon and is extremely active. You apparently can hear it rearranging and pieces coming down following a rain storm.

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