National Atomic Museum

A. Ultra high speed photograph of Trinity Site explosion taken 25 milliseconds after ignition of the explosion. The distance bar across the bottom is 100 m.

B. Pieces of the Berlin Wall.

C. The bus--the business end of a MIRV (Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicles) ICBM showing the warheads. The actual warheads are probably about this size, but tear drop shaped--if they are similar to other warheads that I have seen.

D. Decommissioned 100 kW Hanford breeder reactor used for plutonium production.

E. 50's idol James Dean.

F. Industrial robot.

G. Crater left by 100 KT subsurface blast--635' deep and 1300' across. For comparison see the natural Meteor Crater.

H. Hitler's Third Reich (Hitler is in the center) was one of the primary driving forces for the development of the U.S. nuclear bomb.

I. Little Boy design of A bomb.

J. Fat Man design of A bomb.

K. Simon nuclear test April '55.

L. The B-29 was the same as the ones used during WWII to drop the A bombs. Its cruising altitude was 31,850' with cruising speed of 280 mph and a top speed of 358 mph.

M. The only known color photo of the first atomic explosion taken by amateur photographer Jack Aeby. [Note 2/5/03. Mr. Aeby's daughter contacted me and, as an aside, pointed out the picture was reversed many years ago. So what you normally see is the mirror image.]

N. Detailed engineering plans for a nuclear weapon--and only $12.95! Available in gift shop.

O. Polaris submarine launched ICBM

P. Seminole Surface shot at Eniwetok Atoll. June 6, 1956.

Q. Memorabilia from the Enola Gay.

R. Liquid fueled Titan II ICBM.

S. Strangelovian humor on sled for Titan II war head--if its contents were ever used, the reusability of the sled would be immaterial

T. B-52 Stratofortress, the mainstay of America's aircraft nuclear deterrent for many years. Later replaced by land and submarine ICBMs. The bomb in the foreground is just another H-bomb--the museum has numerous nuclear weapons from suitcase size and up.

U. Sandia Fire Ant. An intelligent tank killer mounted on a four wheel ATV that lies in wait until a tank is picked up on its sensors, identified, targeted, and destroyed. The projectile is a 22 pound piece of copper (probably the disk on top) fired by a shaped charge, which also obliterates the ATV. The charge and targeting system are not shown. The slab with the hole in it is a 3' thick piece of tank armor hit by the ultrahigh velocity copper.