April 6, 2000

Scottsville Chili Cook Off!

Great Food! Great Company! Great Weather!

And a Great Cause: The Scottsville Rescue Squad

Chili Cook Off 1999

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Music by Timothy and Stephen Ryalls

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And Enough Heart Burn to Make a Good Country and Western Song

Why is the dog nervous? Check out the names of the next few chilis. If it hops, leaps, shambles, gallops, crosses the road, or swims, then it a possible base for this years award winning chili. They rarely joke about the contents.

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 P007707.jpg (33803 bytes)Don't stand too close or the singing fish will get you!

Or in this case, just don't stand too close.

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The marks on the post are not decorative. They are the water level for different floods. Some probably made it well into the store.

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James River Runners.Great hosts and fabulous inner tubing. They also do various boating trips, but I have no direct experience with these.   The structure was a store and post office and has been in continuous operation since 1882.

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Hatton Ferry--One of only two remaining poled ferries in the country.

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