Physics 1110 - Fall 2013
Energy on This World and Elsewhere
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Physics 1110 is a course intended for all those interested in the subject of energy. Structured so that it is accessible to non-science majors, this course addresses such topics as the physical nature of energy, the ways in which we produce and consume energy in our society, and how energy will play into our future. Click here for a more detailed discussion of the course.

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  • Greetings! This is the official web site for Physics 1110. More material will be added as the beginning of class approaches, and of course, all sorts of things will be added once class is underway.
  • The format and content of Physics 1110 this coming fall (2013) will be similar to the last time I taught the course, which was in the fall of 2011. You can find a link to the 2011 web site at left. Among other things, you might want to check out the lecture slides, all of which are posted.
  • As the course info emphasizes, Physics 1110 is meant to be accessible to those with little or no science background. At the same time, the material is sufficiently different from that covered in other science courses that Physics 1110 has historically also been of interest to those with a background in science that want to learn about energy systems in our society.
  • The emphasis in the course will be on conceptual material. Less than half the questions on tests and quizzes will require a calculation of some sort, and those calculations will not require more than what is essentially fancy arithmetic.
  • Please let me know if you have questions!

This course is being taught by
Professor Gordon Cates
Time and place:
9:30-10:45 PM, Tues. & Thurs.
Room 204, Physics Building
Office hours: TBA
More questions? Reach Prof. Cates at

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