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How Things Work II

Instructor: Gordon Cates, Professor of Physics and Radiology, Phone: (434) 924-4792, email: cates@virginia.edu

Meeting times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:00 - 1:50PM

Meeting place: Physics Building (382 McCormick Road) Room 203

Office hours: M and W from 2:00-3:30 pm

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  • The final exam will be given on May 4th, from 9AM to 12 noon. The majority of the questions will be drawn from or adapted from the final exams given between 1994 and 2000. Pdf versions of these exams can be found at the link "past final exams" given below.
  • I strongly recommend the following strategy when studying. 1) Take an exam, closed book. Ignore questions that pertain to material we did not cover (these exams span quite a few years). 2) After finishing the exam, go back to questions on which you had difficulty, and using the book, your notes, and lecture slides, try to make certain that your answers are correct. 3) Only after the first two steps, dig out the solutions to the exam and see how you did. You can find solutions by starting at the link below to the 2001 Physics 106 home page.
  • Problem Set 6 is posted and comprises seven multiple-choice questions. It is due on May 7th at 23:59. Unlike past problem sets, late submissions will not be accepted. This is because we will be computing grades starting on May 8th. You are encouraged to discuss the best answers with each other. As usual, a pdf version of the problem set is available at the link for pdf versions of homework given below.
  • Lectures 33-37 are posted.
  • Problem Set 4 is now graded, and the solutions have been posted on the web.
  • Quiz #2 is now graded and the quizzes are available in the organizational "slots" located in the hallway outside the lecture hall. The solutions to quiz #2 are posted at the link below labeled "pdf versions of quizzes and exams with solutions.

Important Links:

Below please find links to a document describing general course information, the syllabus, pdf files representing the slides shown in class, pdf versions of the problem sets, pdf versions of the quizzes and the midterm with solutions, E-Class, and information from past years of How Things Work.

General Course Information


Lecture Slides

PDF versions of homework

PDF versions of quizzes and exams with solutions.

E-Class (Homework submission)

Tips on how to use E-class.

Past final exams

Link to the 2001 Physics 106 homepage

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