Stylistic Variation in Ceramics from Woodland-Period Illinois.

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File Name Source Description
WoodlandIllinoisData.xls Braun 1977 Stylistic element frequencies for lip exterior decoration for five regions, by thickness class.
WoodlandIllinoisMap.jpg Braun 1985 Scanned map of region locations
WoodlandIllinoisCoords.xls Braun 1985 Easting and Northing coordinates(km) of region locations

Braun, David
1977 Middle Woodland-Early Late Woodland Social Change in the Prehistoric Central Midwestern U.S. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan, University Microfilms, Ann Arbor.
1985 Ceramic decorative diversity and Illinois Woodland regional integration. In Decoding Prehistoric Ceramics, edited by Ben A. Nelson, pp.128-153. Southern Illinois University Press Carbondale.