Anthropology 4841/7841
Quantitative Analysis II

File Name Source Description
Clifts Plantation Borrow Pit Data Clifts Plantation Data. Length, width, depth of borrow pits and their distances from the main house. Excel file.
Medieval Cities Data Rudolf Cesaretti, José Lobo, Luís M. A. Bettencourt, Scott G. Ortman, Michael E. Smith, Population-Area Relationship for Medieval European Cities, 2016, PLOS ONE. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0162678 Cities’ population and area estimates (n = 173), as well as their urban system groupings and georeferenced lat-long coordinates. CSV file.
OceaniaTech.csv Kline, Michelle A., and Robert Boyd. "Population size predicts technological complexity in Oceania." Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 277.1693 (2010): 2559-2564 Tools and population in Oceania. CSV file.
JamestownPipeData.csv Cotter, John 1958, Archaeological Excavations at Jamestown Virginia , National Park Service, Washington DC. Counts of stems in 64th-inch bore-diameter classes for red and white-clay pipes from 17th-century sites at Jamestown, VA. CSV file.
U2PipesAllCxts.csv DAACS Pipestem data from Utopia II, an early-18th century slave-quarter site just ouside Williamsburg, VA. CSV file.
U2Fauna.csv DAACS Faunal data from Utopia II. CSV file.
TimeTechSubset.csv Braun, David P. (1983) Pots as Tools. In Archaeological Hammers and Theories , edited by James Moore and Arthur S. Keene, pp. 107-134. Academic Press, New York. David Braun's thickness data for ceramic sherds from two Illinois Woodland assemblages. CSV file.
TimeTech.csv Braun 1983 David Braun's thickness data for ceramic sherds from Illinois Woodland assemblages. CSV file.
LosMuertos.csv Duff, Andrew 1996 Ceramic Microseriation: Types or Attributes? American Antiquity 61(1): 89-101. Counts of ceramic ware types in layers within room blocks at Los Muertos Pueblo, NM. CSV file.
PeruSiteSize.csv Schreiber, Katharina J., and Keith W. Kintigh. 1996 A Test of the Relationship between Site Size and Population. American Antiquity 61(3): 573-579. Site sizes from archaeological survey and population size from a 1541 census in southern Peru. CSV file.
SOI_Data.csv Schacht R, Borgerhoff Mulder M 2015,Sex ratio effects on reproductive strategies in humans. Royal Society Open Science 2: 140402 Sociosexual Orientation Inventory scores for males and females from eight communities in southern Guyana with varying adult sex ratios. CSV file.
CannonData.csv Cannon, M.D. (2000)Large Mammal Relative Abundance in Pithouse and Pueblo Period Archaeofaunas from Southwestern New Mexico: Resource Depression among the Mimbres-Mogollon? Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 19:317-314. Leporid and artiodactyl counts from Mimbres-Mogollon sites in New Mexico. CSV file.
MimbresFauna.csv Cannon, Michael D. 2003 A model of central place forager prey choice and an application to faunal remains from the Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology Artiodactyl and leporid frequencies in faunal assemblages from Mimbres Valley sites in New Mexico. CSV file.
CoddingData.csv Codding, Brian F., Judith F. Porcasi, and Terry L. Jones 2009 Explaining prehistoric variation in the abundance of large prey: A zooarchaeological analysis of deer and rabbit hunting along the Pecho Coast of Central California. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 29(1): 47-61. NISP for Deer and Rabbits from multiple time periods on the Pecho Coast, California. CSV file.
Hutterites.csv Alberti G (2014) Modeling Group Size and Scalar Stress by Logistic Regression from an Archaeological Perspective. PLoS ONE 9(3): e91510. doi:10.1371/ Sizes of Hutterite colonies before and after fission. CSV file.
TobaccoPipesProjectData.csv DAACS Data on clay tobacco pipes from five eighteenth-century slave quarter sites near Williamsburg, Virginia. CSV file.
MidLateWoodlandData.csv Smith, Karen Y. and Fraser D. Neiman (2007) Frequency seriation, correspondence analysis, and Woodland-Period ceramic assemblage variation in the Deep South. Southeastern Archaeology 26(1):47-72. Pottery type frequencies from Middle and Late-Woodland sites located along the Gulf Coast and the lower Chattahoochee and Apalachicola rivers. CSV file.
KolomokiData.csv Smith, Karen Y. and Fraser D. Neiman (2007) Frequency seriation, correspondence analysis, and Woodland-Period ceramic assemblage variation in the Deep South. Southeastern Archaeology 26(1):47-72. Pottery type frequencies from Kolomoki. CSV file.
MayaObsidian.csv Sidrys, Raymond (1976) Classic Maya obsidian trade. American Antiquity , 41: 449-464. Obsidian abundance, etc. for 17 Classic Maya sites. CSV file.
ArcticFolkTales.xlsx Ross,R.M. and Q.D. Atkinson (2016) Folktale transmission in the Arctic provides evidence for high bandwidth social learning among hunter–gatherer groups. Evolution and Human Behavior, 37: 47-53. Distribution of folks tales among Arctic groups. Excel file.
MayaTerminalDates.csv Neiman, Fraser D. (1997) Conspicuous consumption as wasteful social advertising: A Darwinian perspective on spatial patterns in Classic Maya terminal monument dates. In Rediscovering Darwin: Evolutionary Theory in Archaeological Explanation , edited by G. Clarke and M. Barton. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association, 7. Classic Maya terminal monument dates, coordinates, and rainfall estimates.
SWDemoData.csv Kohler, Timothy A. and Kelsey M. Reese (2014) Long and spatially variable Neolithic Demographic Transition in the North American Southwest. PNAS 111:10101–10106 The number of individuals 5–19 years old, the number of individuals 5 years old or more, in burial samples from the prehistoric Southwest.
CaribINAA.csv Unpublished data. INAA data from MURR for Afro-Caribbean ceramic samples from St. Kitts and Nevis.