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I won't force my life story on you but you've come this far so check out the untold story. Read all about my days as a freelance physician.

If you know me because of my fiddle playing, or even if you don't, look into my brilliant career. Check out my schedule of appearances with Adam's Housecat or Bo and Craig or you can read about The Belle of Brattleboro which I recorded with Mary Cay Brass in 1989.

And who can forget Moving Clouds? Well, someone has because I have a closet full of CDs! All seriousness aside, Pete Jung and I recorded it in 1991. It features a few classic fiddle tunes, a few you may not have heard, and a couple that I wrote.

I like to read as long my lips don't get tired. See what I like to read.

Movies are a big deal for me too. I have a partial list of favorite movies for you to check out.

You're probably guessing that a music nut like me has favorite records to listen to.

There's not much to tell about my current professional circumstances. I'm a technical analyst here at the U of Va.

If you're like me and are addicted to the Web look at some cool web sites.

Don't you hate when the phone rings and it's not for you?

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