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  • my joint article with Ioannis Parissis (Basque Country U), "A sharp estimate for the Hilbert transform along finite order lacunary sets of directions" was accepted in Israel J Math (on arXiv, preprint)
  • on arXiv: a joint article with Tuomas Hytönen and Kangwei Li, "Sparse bounds for maximal rough singular integrals via the Fourier transform''. In this article we prove that the (1+t,1+t) sparse norm of the maximal truncation of rough singular integrals grows at most like 1/t as t goes to 0 with suitable extension to the R^n valued case. Some of the results were discovered during the MSRI workshop "Recent Trends in Harmonic Analysis" May 15-19, 2017 
  • a joint article with S. Guo, C. Thiele and P. Zorin-Kranich, "Square functions for bi-Lipschitz maps and directional operators " on arXiv, preprint,

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