How To: KidPix Deluxe 3X Version 1.1.1

How to get started: Click on the KidPix icon in your Dock to open a new KidPix file or if you already have Kidpix open you can click file and new or click the new icon button on the left hand side. If you have used it before I am going to show you some features you may not be familiar with.

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Import a picture from iPhoto: To start, click on the top of the screen to get the menu bar and then click Import and then click From iPhoto. A new window will open where you can select the image you want from iPhoto. After you select the photo, you can choose to import as an image or as a background. Note: You cannot alter backgrounds in KidPix so choose image if you are not sure. You can also choose how you would like to import it as well as the possibility to open the photo directly in iPhoto. When you are ready click on the Import button and you can edit you picture in KidPix. Note: Once you unselected an image in KidPix you cannot grab it again to edit it.

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Import a song (or piece of a song) from iTunes: To start, click on the top of the screen to get the menu bar and then click Import and then click From iTunes. A new window will pop open where you can select the song you want from iTunes. My suggestion here is to click on the first 10 to 15 seconds, as well as, fade out, and add to my sounds. If you do not add the sound to the library at this point you will not be able to use it later. Note: If you downloaded a song from the iTunes store you will not be able to import even a little bit of it instead you may want to create your own music using Garage Band to avoid copyright infringment. You will also find that you can open iTunes directly from this screen if you need to convert your music to another format :) Once you have the song you like click on the impot button and enjoy.

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How to record your voice into Kidpix: You really have quite a few ways to add your voice to a Kidpix presentation. The first is actually in KidPix. To do this, click on the sounds button in the program. The menu will change on the bottom and from hear you should click on the microphone button. The red circle will record the while the blue square will stop. The drawback to this option is that you have a maximum of thirty seconds to record. After you have recorded, you should use the green triangle to test the recording and thenthe disk icon to save the sound file. I suggest giving the file a meaningful name so that it will be easily accessible for later. If you need more than thirty seconds I suggest using Garage Band. This option will also let you add music intros and outros to you sound files. I suggest using the podcast option in Garage Band which is set up to do quick vioce recording. To import from Garage Band I suggest first saving the file into mp3 format and sending it to iTunes. To bring in the voice, follow the steps above for importing an iTunes file.

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How to import a movie: Much in the same way as you imported a photo, click on the top of the screen to get the menu bar and then click Import and then click Movie. You can then select the movie clip that you want. Note: Once you unselect the movie you will not be able to edit it again. Please be mindful that you have a maximum of 99 seconds of play time on any one particular slide.

How to create your own presentations for KidPix: Once you have the individual pages saved you can put them together in a presentation. Click on the arrow in the bottom left of your screen and switch over to the presentation side of KidPix. This is where you can create the movie for your iPod. Click on the first square and a folder will come up. Choose the file you want and click ok. Continue through until you have all of your slides. Then click on the movie button which is yellow and has a movie camera on it. This will allow you to change the transitions and timing for each slide. The yellow arrow changes the transitions, while the yellow bar controls the time, and the microphone controls the sound. Note: KidPix will read the text on any screen as long as you are in KidPix. If you export the presentation to another file format you will lose text reading ability.

How to create a quicktime movie: Once you have your presentation all set up you can export it to other formats. I suggest that before you do anything else that you save the presentation and then export to slide show to go. This will allow you to save all of the files, movies, pictures, and sounds in one place. Once it's secure we are going to click File, Export and this time choose Project As QuickTime Movie.