Physics 1429   Spring 2011


How your grade was calculated

Your total score was computed using the WebAssign totals for the Homework (H), Lab reports (L), and Quizzes (Q). The WebAssign total was not used! Since there were large differences in how the TAs graded the lab reports, those differences were taken out and a new adjusted lab score (LA) was found based on the TA mean lab scores and the associated standard deviations. There were also large differences in the distributions on the lab, homework, and quiz scores. Hence they were adjusted to have the same mean and standard deviation. The total adjusted score was then found using S = 0.2 x HA + 0.4 x LA + 0.4 x QA. Note that you cannot calculate your lab score S because you need to know your TA's average score and standard deviation for the lab reports, as well as the homework and quiz averages and their standard deviations.

The final grade distribution is shown in the figure below.

The table below gives the class percentiles for each grade as well as the adjusted score used to determine the final grades.
Grade Percentile Adjusted Score
A+ 91.4% 95.0
A 73.3% 92.5
A- 54.1% 90.0
B+ 35.5% 87.0
B 20.9% 83.5
B- 12.6% 80.0
C+ 6.9% 75.0
C 3.8% 70.0
C- 1.9% 65.0
D+ 1.4% 60.0
D 0.5% 55.0
D- 0.5% 50.0
F 0%

The most probabile grade and the mean grade was a B+.

Note that it is impossible for you to compute your final grade from the WebAssign scores you are provided. If you have any questions about how your grade was determined please call me.

(Modified: 12 May 2011)