Cafiso Lab, Selected Publications:

The SNARE Motif of Synaptobrevin Exhibits an Aqueous-Interfacial Partitioning That Is Modulated by Membrane Curvature.  Liang B, Dawidowski D, Ellena JF, Tamm LK, Cafiso DS.  Biochemistry. 53, 1485 (2014).

Allosteric control of syntaxin 1a by Munc18-1:  characterization of the open and closed conformations of syntaxin.  Dawidowski, D. and Cafiso, D. S.  Biophysical J. 104:1585-1595 (2013).

Ligand-induced structural changes in the Escherichia coli ferric citrate transporter reveal modes for regulating protein-protein interactions.  Mokdad A, Herrick D. Z., Kahn A.K., Andrews E, Kim M, Cafiso D. S. J Mol Biol., 423:818-830 (2012).

Synaptotagmin 1 modulates lipid acyl chain order in lipid bilayers by demixing phosphatidylserine.  Lai AL, Tamm LK, Ellena JF, Cafiso DS.  J Biol Chem. 286:25291-300 (2011).

Conformational exchange in a membrane transport protein is altered in protein crystals. D.M. Freed, P.S. Horanyi, M.C. Wiener, and D.S. Cafiso. Biophys J., 99(5):1604-1610 (2010).

Osmolytes modulate conformational exchange in solvent-exposed regions of membrane proteins. R.H. Flores, M.A. Do Cao, M. Kim, and D. S. Cafiso. Protein Sci., 19(2):269-78 (2010).

Solution and membrane-bound conformations of the tandem C2A and C2B domains of Synaptotagmin 1: Evidence for bilayer bridging. D.Z. Herrick, W. Kuo, H. Huang, C.D. Schwieters, J.F. Ellena and D. S. Cafiso. J. Mol. Biol. 390(5):913-23 (2009)..

The calcium-dependent and calcium-independent membrane binding of Synaptotagmin 1: Two modes of C2B binding. W. Kuo, D.Z. Herrick, J.F. Ellena and D. S. Cafiso. J. Mol. Biol. 387(2):284-94 (2009)..

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