General Comments.

Paul Baldesare
London Underground
& Carnival.
Michael Carlebach
This Way To the Crypt
Frank Cancian
While Waiting
Julia Marsalek Dawson
Texas Parades
Nell Dorr
A Selection
Bill Emory
Rosni Farm
Carol Hudson
Dead Birds
Ihtisham Kabir
Peter Marshall
Carnival & Buses
The Meridian
Bill Mattick
California & the East
Ray Nelson -
David Newman
Moyra Peralta
Nearly Invisible
David Plowden
American Views
Richard Robinson
Nepal, Cows
& Paris
Jay Ruby
Secure the Shadow
Francis Cooper
Julia Sapir (aka Giulia)
Italy & Central Park
Sally Stein
John Spence Weir
Color of Mexico
Jack Welpott
A Sequence
Neal White
A Personal Take
Marion Post Wolcott
FSA & Post FSA
Moi Ver
Wilna Ghetto
Ethno Photography (jds's Sénégal)

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