photographs & text by Richard Robinson

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The Paris Series represents my first trip to the city of light. Preferring to travel to third world countries, Paris had never been on my list of places to go. Too pretentioius I thought. Kathmandu was my preferred destination.

But my wife and I had an agreement. You travel with me to my favorite city and I'll travel with you to yours. She had traveled with me to Nepal on assignment and now it was my turn to follow her. And so we went.

My approach to Paris constituted an experiment. I had become frustrated with the predictability of my work. I wanted to bring a sense of the unexpected into my images and decided that Paris would be the place to do it. So I set up three simple parameters to guide me. One, always have your camera around your neck. Two, shoot anything that catches your eye and three, keep continually moving. The first rule was to make sure I was ready for anything, the second was to make sure my intuition was involved and the third served get me to produce enough work to survive the editing process.

It worked. The Paris series has been an unexpected success. In addition to being exhibited, the series ran in Communication Arts 1998 Photography Annual, while the Eiffel Tower shot found its way into National Geographic Traveler. Now for the first time it is online.

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