Marion Post Wolcott - FSA photos Part 3

Kentucky, Virginia, Vermont, Colorado, Montana

Now, tomorrow I’d like to wake up in the morning and say, ‘Today I can go where I damn please; I don’t have to let FSA and Stryker know where I am. I don’t have to go to Western Union or the post office or railway express, or feel guilty because I haven’t done my travel report and can’t find the notebook that has the mileages …in it. I can sleep all morning…and stay up all night and not give a damn how I’d feel the next day. So then, after all this, I’d probably jump out of bed, grab my camera, and run off and take some more pictures! Letter to RS, 10-2-40, Danville, VA

What a country this is—not a startling observation, but I continue to be startled and shocked and amazed, no matter what I’ve expected. Letter to RS, January 1939

It’s all been slow going and I’ve had a lot to learn these first days about caring for a car in this bitter cold and learning more about driving and managing it on these icy, snowy, rutty roads. Letter to RS 2-24-40, Woodstock, VT

You weren’t kidding about snowstorms in the Rockies in September—although this was an exceptionally big and extensive and cold one for this time of year. The drifts were very deep and wind and snow terrific yesterday crossing the highest pass in the U.S.A. without chains, so the snow plow had to pull me out and get me started down the other side….Sunday it started to snow and kept right on. But at least it made a couple of ghost towns look ghostier and I think some of the pix will be dramatic because of it-- Letter to RS Colorado, 1941

…the damn little suckling pigs didn’t want to suck this afternoon, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Any other day they wouldn’t stop sucking if you wanted them to! Omaha, Neb. September 1941

Tell your grandchildren how you criss-crossed the state of Wyoming, tripping over rocks, beating the brush, searching in hollow trees in your quest for sheep—yes, tell your grandchildren. …Wyoming isn’t so bad in some sections, but most any part is better than the horror of our big industrial slums which stretch along some of the roads leading into and out of our great industrial centers. Stryker to Post 9-19-41, Cheyenne, WYO

It’s sort of awful to be separated from someone you love vey much, for a long period, and at a great distance, and keep reading n the paper that wemay be getting closer, very rapidly, to the kind of world system that may drastically,and perhaps tragically change our whole lives…I get very frightened at times.

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