Marion Post Wolcott - FSA photos Part 2

West Virgina, Kentucky, Florida

Got arrested the other day….there’s a feud there between FSA and triple A, and that’s where it all started. It was just funny because the whole town was full of people (Labor Day) and got all stirred up over it and followed me in a big procession to the court house—all crowding around the judge afterwards to see my papers and getting into arguments about spies and 5th columnists, etc. Letter to RS 9-9-40

Post…has not been sick again.…However, the chiggers nearly ate out her bellly button, among other delicate spots on her anatomy after sitting on old wooden benches and climbing around in dry grass and weeds at the church picnic supper. Letter to Toots, Secretary to RS, Morehead, KY 8-16-40

….Much of the hunting was just time wasted—miles up awful little roads that must have been for lumbering—no houses, nothing, or a place that wasn’t significant, or someone who chased me off.

Most of the people who would talk at all, said more or less the same thing—they didn’t like strangers to come botherin’ around because they mostly played "dirty tricks" on them or brought bad luck. They never would say specifically what or how, but several said "got things tookin’ from them—" but what? They haven’t got anything!

Many times a neighbor or relative from nearby, who had seen the car stop, would come over—I thought out of curiosity—but they said whenever a strange car or person comes by and stops "too long," they come around to see if their friends need any help—"That’s the onliest ways we could get along. We don’t ask fer nothin’ and times is hard, but as long as we’re not bothered none we’re satisfied."

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