Salvage Architecture, pt.I

(5 re:cycled case studies)

developing a construction language for salvage material



Bicycle Dome


masonary hut w/steel frame
ROOF: 'original' bike dome of welded steel wheels supports "living roof"*
WALLS: interlocking bicycle frames provide armature for clay/sand/stone facing



self supported tree house;

kitchen, bed, water, solar wifi/lighting/entertainment

Calvino in the Trees: lush Texas canopy of Oak, Mesquite, Cedar

egg shaped design sheds winter North wind while scooping desirable summer Gulf breezes*

total feng-shui* awareness: moon rise, 190 degree Austin skyline views and plane-spotting*

materials: 1/2 satelite dish, salvaged aluminum boat spars/tubes/&alloy rims
lashed together w/high voltage braided aluminum wire
skinned w/sheet metal, plexi-glass portholes and mosquito screen

Proto Egg


dug into the hillside, semi sub-terrainian
a single room in the forest

East Side Eiffel: 60+ foot Energy Tower


Holds photovoltaic panels and wind generator providing energy for BiosQuat's power grid

w/observation capsule and crow's nest

all modifications brazed with flux-coated bronze rods


Bike Truss: Rain Lily Farm


food processing 'porch'