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nomadism and homesteading
D.I.Y. techne school

We are home to nomads. As nomads we are always home. We are creating a network of homesteads within a nomad zone.

This synthesis of the world's most relevant & significant culture(s) reveals a new civilization built on ecological & social justice, DoItYourself tehkne, renewable energy & aesthetic excellence. Welcome to a technaissance verde.
Tekhne (Greek): art = technology- Naissance (Fr): birth - Verde (Spn) -green

We aren't so inflexible as to reject hi-tek (LEDs, silicon based solar panels and wizzy laptops); nor the occasional fossil-fueled "ride;" nor hip Pop music; nor the cheap local macro-beer...

We do reject wars of imperialism, rampant mainstream consumerism, xenophobia and jingoism.

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