All of the Photographs contained on this page are
Property of the Amon Carter Museum
Fort Worth, Texas
Bequest of the Estate of Nell Dorr

The Following is a list of the photographs included on this page:
Self Portrait
Blythe Daly's Personal Collection

ACC NO.:P1982.77

Girl in White Dress
ACC NO.: P1990.47.312

ACC NO.:P1990.47.467

ACC NO.: P1990.45.35

Baby in Large Bed
ACC NO.: P1990.45.120s

Over the Bannister
ACC NO.: P1990.47.183

Tasha Dressing Child
ACC NO.: P1990.47.191

Bethany Holding Chicken
ACC NO. P1990.47.245

Little Boy with Bread and Butter
ACC NO.: P1990.47.288

Child with Dipper
ACC NO.: P1990.47.494

Stringing Beads
ACC NO.: P1990.45.241

(Two Children in Bed View 3)
ACC NO.: P1990.47.425

(Bloom close-up)
ACC NO.: P1990.47.13

(Conch shell and coral)
ACC NO.: P1990.47.36

(Nine blooms and shadows)
ACC NO.: P1990.47.45