Contributing to Fixing Shadows

Fixing Shadows is always looking for new contributions. We have at our disposal a fair amount of space and all contributions will remain on line until the space starts giving out. At that point work will start being rotated off, but that will not be for a while yet.

At the moment we are interested in four (interelated) types of contributions. The work of individual photographers, photographs of a historic interest, found photographs, and family photographs. We will be adding a fifth section on ethnographic photography in the months to come.

Each category in turn ...

Presenting material for consideration

Before you do anything email us, at Fixing Shadows, describing your work. In order to have it reviewed it is best that you have posted somewhere on the web a good sample of your work. If that is impossible then you can send us, via email attachments jpg scans. A sample of a 12 or more would be necessary. The photographs will be made available to the Fixing Shadows group, which includes all of contributors already present on the site. Any sets accepted must come with an explanatory text. Please look at what is up already to gain an idea of what is expected.

Sending photographs and texts does not guarantee that they will be included on Fixing Shadows. The work will be given serious consideration and a judgement will be made.


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