Bill Mattick

visits the

Select Models Super Shoot

All the photographs and texts are copyrighted by Bill Mattick

After an hour plane flight from Oakland International and about an hour drive in a rental car from Ontario, south on 15 to 79, I find my way to the end of Caballos Rd and a one and one half mile dirt road to a one time golf and tennis club turned multi purpose rental facility, today the site of the Select Models Super Shoot.

The event on it's surface is a chance for young girls with stars in their eyes to practice at being models for an afternoon and maybe catch the attention of one of the few 'pros' in attendance who may, for their own purposes, give them a shot at the big dance. They in turn provide themselves as subject material for about seventy amateur photographers who claim an interest in the form of glamour photography. It certainly is the bottom step on a long, precarious and problematic climb to dubious stardom.

Today, everyone is a poser, including me. It seems the ladies are not used to being photographed as they are... without 'lights, camera action' I find myself explaining my motives and a more watered down version of the truth seems to fit here. I see young girls with chaperones (some family, some boy friends, a few with agents)...I see two twenty year olds enamored by the illusion of fame, happily darting from location to location with a long lensed photographer setting up shots here and there...I see an attractive teenager accompanied by her sisters or friends who seems to be getting more than her share of attention and I am given the opportunity to photograph a series of classic glamour poses....I see a somewhat harsh looking girl with a screaming pink brief bikini and a feathered boa who is trying to make arrangements with all the photographers including me....I finally relent after trying to explain to her that I am not a fashion guy...we go to an area of the estate that is under construction....seems appropriate...I give her cursory directions....she gives me her best "look"....I expose several frames and we are done...afterward I wonder how exploitive I have been and I feel somewhat guilty for not being more honest with her in how I felt about all of it....

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