The street work of

Bill Mattick

c a l i f o r n i a --p h o t o m a n

.......actually it is more the fact of contingency I am dependent on to make the kind of images that interest me, that causes my uneasiness as I photograph. Always working intently for that moment of perfect confluence of event and form that will result in a perfect negative. Always trying to find in the rangefinder something so strung together and at loose ends; something so problematic and unpredictable as to confound my previous sense of form........and at the same time providing amplification enough of something universally accurate and familiar. Photographing on the street is such an unpredictable, incoherent practice. But in order to redraw photographically what is really there and hopefully at the same time make a still photograph that is ordered, coherent and sensible, it is necessary to suffer the chaos.

Bill Mattick has some comments and a little history too.

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