1.1  I am Fofana Baji of the Eramba ward of Sunjan, the son of Yoru Sinjan.
 1.2  I am now going to tell a story here in my house. Hyena and Lizard.
 1.3  The Lizard had a castrated ram that it had fed for seven years.
 1.4  The castrated ram was very fat.
 1.5  Now the Lizard wondered what it should do with this castrated ram.
 1.6  It couldn't figure it out. And it said "to sell it at a wrestling match."
      It went from village to village
 1.7  out there with those of the bush. They said they were afraid. The hare
 1.8  was afraid. The bush animals were afraid. Those there in the bush
 1.9  all said "no."
 1.10 When Hyena heard the news it got ready to come and ask.
 1.11 The Lizard said "I have been going around for a long time
 1.12 up until today and have not found anyone to buy.  If you want this
      castrated ram
 1.13 take it.

 2.1  The Hyena took the castrated ram and went and it killed it. And it and ate
 2.2  with his wife. Asekaren and the children. They ate the castrated ram
 2.3  over all the days. Finished now he came to speak about which day the
      wrestling match
 2.4  would be. He said, they decided on Market Day.
 2.5  And they came together in the circle. Now all to the bush animals came
 2.6  and gathered. The Lizard looked for its drummer, he who was the scorpion.
 2.7  took the Hare. And they came and stood facing each other. The Hare started
      to hit
 2.8  its drum. [Drum noise: Fansai hidon ... etc.]
 2.9  It heard thus and came back. He said "Drummer speak. I have not heard
 2.10 And it began again. [Drum noise ..... etc.]
 2.11 It jumped and somersaulted. Fraitim, frait .... etc.
 2.12 This Fraitim, it was the mortar, it was the pants that it had attached

 3.1  at the waist. Now what it caused to jump now, when it hit, the mortar
 3.2  would turn over. Now it made the noise "fraitim ... etc."
 3.3  Now Lizard also had his drummer. He was the scorpion. He also began to
 3.4  hit his, "Bren ga gung gong, Bren the first to throw down. etc."
 3.5  Now it tightened its stomach as it danced the wrestler's dance. It
      tightened its stomach and threw
 3.6  and shook its tail a lot.
 3.7  Now, they prepared and they came out to face each other in the circle.
 3.8  Hyena backed way up so as run and crush the lizard
 3.9  just where it came out.  It lifted to pass now by way of the head.
 3.10 The Lizard wound around with its tail so it lifted up carrying it well
       over the hip.
 3.11 It went and threw down there, TIM! And it said, "Hu he, you surprised me,
 3.12 you surprised me, you surprised me. Let's return. Wait, wait, wait. Thus
      let's return,
 3.13 again, again." And they began again. He said, "Drummer, speak.
 4.1  Perhaps if you hit the drum sweetly, I'll be able to throw him down." He
 4.2  is thrown.  What is it doing? The thing which you know lies on the ground.
      I am going
 4.3  to stamp and crush it from here to there. The skin of the elbow which he
      looks for.
 4.4  He will see how I am going to work on him."
 4.5  The drum started sounding again. "Fansay hidon ..etc."
 4.6  And it somersaulted again, "Fraitim ... etc." And it backed up.
 4.7  The Lizard was there. It never went any place. Right there. "Bren ga gung
 4.8  And they returned and faced each other. And it jumped to crush him
 4.9  just as it had wanted to. The Lizard showed its side for a long time
 4.10 It raised up between the legs and it wound it around and again it lifted
      well up across its knee and
 4.11 again it threw down there, TIM! And it said, "Ha, ha! Hare, this here

 5.1 I don't think I understand this." He said to him, "Ha, there
 5.2  have courage and we'll see what we'll do about it." Ha! Hyena, how he was
      very surprised.
 5.3 The fat he had eaten, but it would tire him. Now he said,
 5.4  "Backup way far back, and when I run thus just only the dust touches
 5.5  the Lizard and he'll fall." Ha. This backing up therefore was to have a
 5.6  to run. Hare is there pleasing with the drum, with everything. He backed
 5.7  Again he called back, "Master Hare, is here far enough back?" He said,
 5.8  not enough yet." He pushed further. "Master Hare, here far enough?" He
      said to him "enough,
 5.9  enough, come here quickly." He said, "No, here, I think. Wait,
 5.10  I'll backup further." He backed up. Now the people knew that
 5.11 we was passing out of there. He said, "Yes, you take what we've eaten. You
      two wrestle." Puuf!
 5.12 He Ran, he went, he went away [actually: To run, to go, to continue away.]
 5.13 The Lizard said to Hare, "You and I, we have nothing. You go.
 5.14 It's he I see.  I will follow and reach him there."

 6.1 And it went to look and find it.
 6.2  Thus, he went and arrived saying to Asekaren, "The debt you and I took,
 6.3  I'm very tired of it. But we'll fix up a way to get out of
 6.4  the house and go and we'll enter down a dried up well. That way, perhaps
      it will be better."
 6.5  And they went and climbed down. Now, hunger which we know now is not a
 6.6  we can console. And it caught them. "Asekaren," he said, "pound." She
      began pounding.
 6.7  He said, "don't be heard." How is a person going to pound with a pestle
      and never be
 6.8  Thus it was heard. The Lizard followed to where it knew about inside.
 6.9  It was quiet and listened and heard whispers. It looked for stones. It
      threw them
 6.10  in. When the stone went to hit the head of the baby, BAW, (it started)
 6.11 to cry. "Asekaren, Calm (it), calm etc. " It mustn't cry.
 6.12 Now Asekaren calmed it. It again went to throw where it heard the word
 6.13 of Hyena. When it knew, it threw there. The stone again hit the head
 6.14 of it. PAW. "M'm'm'm'm, old man, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry."

 7.1 Now, "don't cry" there, it again threw a bigger (stone) there. "Ha, ha", it
 7.2 to Asekaren, " what to do?" She said to him, "Ha, you know it!" He said,
 7.3  "Forgive, let's wait and I'll come out and we'll go back and we'll
      wrestle. Inside here
 7.4  is too much for me. I said to hide, but you found me." It began
 7.5  To come up the foot holes. Near the mouth of the well the Lizard hit the
      hands, they
      broke. It fell back in, it died in there.
 7.6  My story, my story, PEKES.