1. A man owned a heifer. He said he was going around to sell
2. it. He went to see where someone was able to speak very well.
3. He would give it to him. Now, he was selling, he was selling, he was selling, he was
4. selling, he was selling, he was selling. He was unsucessful.
5. He went and went and went and went and went and went and he went,
6. to where he caught up with a child in the bush. He came and said to him,
7. "Greeting to you." He was harvesting peanuts. He said, "Peace with you." He said, "Now where
8. are you coming from?" He said, "From there I come." He said, "Come
9. and tie up the cow. Yes. He came and tied up the cow. He said, "True,
10. take the peanuts and eat. Yes. The man said he (should) give him (them) to roast.
11. He gave them to him. He said, "Get me some fire back at the house."
12. He ran. He went and arrived and was a long time, long, long, long, long, long time.
13. and he got and brought back the fire. He arrived back. The man said to him.
14. "Hah, you've been a long time. How so?" He said to him, "true.
15. If you see what took me so long. I found the fire dressed in an undershirt.
16. This shirt, I opened it to make (the fire) come out. So that is how I got it.
17. The man calmly said to him, "that is so." He replied, 'yes' He said what's is this about?'
18. He replied, "I found the ashes that covered all of the charcoal
19 and I blow the ashes, foo, and they scattered so I could have from there the fire. He said to him,
20. "Yes, that is so." He said to him, "Go and get me, thing, some water.
21. so that when I have grill and eaten I can drink." He ran off.
22. He ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran. He went and he arrived.
23. He was a long time, a long, long time. Then he came back. He said to him, "Therefore.
24. how is it that you took so long?" He replied, "True, I found last years' water
25. and this year's water mixed together with the water of the year before last.
26. So I waited until the year before last and last year's water passed, to have
27. this year's. He said, "now what is this?" He replied, "I found that dregs
28. had risen in the water jug so that you could not see
29. the water you should drink. Thus I stayed to clarify (the water) so I could bring it and give it to you
30. to drink. He said, "That's good." He said, "Ok" And he said, "You, thus your
31. mother where? your father?" he says "Papa went home between heaven and hell.
32. Perhaps he will return, perhaps he will not return." He said, "What is that?" He said
33. Papa, a certain man grabs his wife. He starts following
34. and then," he says, "perhaps he will stop there, perhaps he will not stop
35. there." He said, "ah, yes." He said, "Child." And he replied, "Yes." "You (see),
36. I have been looking for someone who is able to talk. But I look for this,
37. but not matter what, I do not see such a person. Now, today, you are here. You will take this heifer,
38. I give (it) to you. The child said to him, "I do what?" And he said to him, "Take, I give (it) to you.
39. He said to him, "You, you give (it to) me? He said to him, "yes." That's it, he went and tied it up.
40. and now he left. After a long time his father arrived and he said to him
41. Papa, heifer
42. is here, the one they gave me." He said to him, "you own this heifer, you
43. a small child?" He said to him, "a certain man who found me here, and he said that I should go
44. and get him fire so could roast peanuts. I got them and he sad that I get water
45. to drink. I got it and he asked me, "You," he said, "You go and join up
46. with whoever stole your wife. He said to him, "this only?" He said to him, "Yes," He said to him,
47. "For that he gave me the heifer?"
48. He said "Yes." He said "I don't believe it." He said to him "Let's go and tie (it) up at home,
49. if such be so here if for days he is absent the I will believe." Now, they went
50. the went and tied it there for three days. No one show out. He said to him, "So this is true."
51. He said to him, "But now we have no bull so we will lead (it) there
52 (to) our King who has a bull so the heifer can stay there." So
53. they led, the continued, they go, they arreve. The bull mounted. It gave birth.
54. The bull mounted and gave birth. The bull mounted and it gave birth.
55. Perhaps up to making a herd. So, the man said, "now let's go
56. and take the cows now because they are many." The child said to him,
57. "Papa, go now and chop sticks set them down and I will return
58. to the bush because the monkeys will ruin the peanuts."
59. So the elder went and chopped many (sticks). He went and arrived. He said to him,
60. the king, "I have come to take the cows." He said to him,
61. Which cows?" He said, "Mine." He said to him, "you have cows!?" He said to him,
62. "My cows which I brought here from my heifer so your bull
63. would have them." "So, are you not crazy. As though it is not my bull
64. which mounted (the heifer) so as to have them so you see there it now is." Now the elder
65. returned (from).. He was crying, he comes, he is crying, he comes and arrives.
66. He cries. he cries. The child finds him there. He says to him, "Papa what
67. are yoiu criying for?" He said to him, "The king,
68. he said, 'his cows (the cows are his)'". He said to him, "Yes, Papa, about this you are crying,
69. you cry nonsense." He said, "where is the hatchet? Get it for me." He brought
70. the hatchet. He threw it over his shoulder then he went, he went, he went,
71. he went, he arrived. Sticks that he set in the yard. Magical. He poised (to chop)
72. he chops, taw! taw! The man says, "Who chops here?"
73. He said to him, "I." He said to him, "What are you chopping for?" He said to him, "Papa gave birth
74. for him I gather firewood there so that
75. he can warm himself. He said the him, "Are you crazy?" He said to him, "Crazy how?"
76. He said to him, "Where did you hear that a man gives birth?" He said to him, "Thus, you know
77. it was you who said your bull had cows." "Ah, bastard! go, go
78. go and come and take the cows now! He goes and returns. He says, "Papa
79. you take the cows, you take them all!" He came and arrived. He tied (them). The man was calm, there,
80. he was calm, calm, calm, calm. Thus.
81. He return (thing), he had in hand beans. He comes, he arrives from. He sends the child. He says,
82. "They come, they give to this one, his father. He plants them now in the dry season and they sprout.
83. Now, now he cut them and he gave them to him." He, thus, the old man arrived there as
84. now, they told him as now, thus. He is crying, he cries, he cries.
85. he cries, he cries. The child until he arrives back from the fields. He says to him, "Papa, what are you crying
86. about?
87. He said to him, "Look, the beans here which he truly thusly. I planted them immediately
88. so they would ripen now now. I picked and I gave to him, he leads away." He said
89. "Are you crying?" He said, "Don't cry." He said , "You, give me (thing),
90. small calabash." He gave it to him. He said to him, "You pour in the millet." He poured.
91. He took it, he put it on his head. And he went, he went, he went, he went. He reached them,
92. where they were. He went and on purpose he slipped, frrrr! and fell, boom! The small calabash
93. it slipped out, it scattered there, all! And he said to him, "tut! tut! tut!, there, are you not crazy
94. "?!" He said to him, "How am I crazy?" He said to him, "What threw you here?
95. He said, "I slipped." He said to him, "You slip now in the dry season, you slip?"
96. He said, "You, you know it, you said 'Papa, he takes beans and plants them
97. now, now, and they ripen, now so he give (them) to you." He said to him, "You said,
98. 'you return, you return, you return, and you say to him, he gave me them, now, now,'" He gave them to him.
99. Thus, he had in hand the jug, so he corked, tight! He cut the cork so it was even, so
100. He said to him, "he sent it here." He said to him, "They went and gave it to even, his father drank." Thus
101. he arrive there and don't uncork. Thus he is there crying, he cries, he cries, he cries.
102. His child arrives tired. He say to him, "Papa, thus, I come and you are crying here,
103. for what?" He said to him, "Thus, you look at the bottle." He said, "I take, I drink
104. now, it not being uncorked." He said to him, "This causes crying?" He said to him, "Stay there."
105. To go, he goes, he goes. He arrives, He says, "Greetings"
106. He said to him, "Greetings to you." He said to him, "King." Replying, he said to him, "Papa
107. he said, when I arrive give him the calabash spoon for drinking last year's month of
108. lent the gruel that has not been split." He is calm there, calm, calm and he said to him, "What do you say?"
109. He said to him, "Papa says when I come and arrive you give him the spoon from which
110. you drank last year the gruel during the mouth of lent from the spoon that had not been split."
111. Saying to him, "Are you not crazy?" He said to him, "How am I crazy?" He said,
112. "Where have you heard of someone who drank the porridge
113. from an uncut cup?" He said to him, "Thus, you know how you cork water jug
114. and you said Papa take and drink having not been corked." And he said to him, "Bastard."
115. Eh! Now the elder he thought, he thought, he thought, he thought, and thus to make (of)
116. this child. He did not know. How (this) affair transforms so the elder can take
117. the cows. Now he said, "Now they will dig a hole and then they will come together.
118. and arriving if (he) fall in. If he falls in and they bury.
119. Now, they are digging the deep hole. Now, he carries dirt, he goes and dumps it far off.
120. And the took and spread out the matt there well. He finished, he called all of the village. They gathered.
121. Now the child arrives from in back. He comes and arrives. Already as he nears
122. just, he said, "Make room so that the child can sit here, thus good."
123. he just arrived there. He says to him, "child, come and sit here." He said,No
124. Papa says to me (that) I should sit on the ground." Thus, he sat down, booh!
125. There he was, calm, calm, calm. He gets up, fus!. He grabbed him, taaaw! He said to him
126. "Now, perhaps I throw you in this river." Then he brought out

127. the case, he stretched then closed up eveything. Thus, the child with the needl
128. there in his hand which was his. He said, "The mute, take and go
129. he threw there in the river. Thus he put it on the head, thus. The mute now went, went, went
130. went, went, went. Then now, he nears and sees afar the river just over there
131. he took there the needle.
132. Arriving he made a

To be continued.