Seminar on College Teaching (MATH 7000)

Fall 2017

The seminar is organized by David Sherman. We meet Fridays 12-12:50 in Shannon 108.
August 25 Hello. Syllabus. UVa calculus options. Various internet resources.
September 1 Discussion of first class meetings. Filming calculus explanations (and critiquing).
September 8 Filming more calculus explanations (and critiquing).
September 15 Filming more calculus explanations (and critiquing)!
September 22 Red Rover with student names. Writing a calculus word problem.
September 29 Check-in. Best practices in the classroom, first and second level.
October 3
Teaching with Technology Summit
October 6
Discussion of the Teaching with Technology Summit. Trying out our math test to go.
October 13
Shannon 108
Ingredients of successful exam questions.

Diversity presentation by math grad Mike Reeks.
Before class, students should watch Shaun Harper's talk "Strategic Action in the Aftermath of Hate at UVa"; if not the whole thing, then the following portions:
5:00-12:00, introductory video about "white bias" in children and the following remarks - where in the curriculum is early racial bias disrupted or corrected?
24:53-34:07, data from studies conducted by the Center for the Study of Race and Equity at UPenn.
35:19-40:30, "four necessary stances" to combat racial bias at UVa.
Students should also look over the materials at the Collab site GTA Resources --> Teaching for Diversity.
October 20 Discussion with math grads Kristin Courtney and John Simone, college teaching award winners.
October 27 Check-in, especially advising students on math courses. Grading workshop.
November 3
Shannon 108
Clicker demonstration and discussion with math grad Eloisa Grifo. Beforehand please read these two articles: one two.
November 10 Beforehand: please read the short online column The Worst Way to Teach and this five-page article on teacher expectations, then for each reading write down either one thing you strongly agree with or one thing you disagree with.

In class we will have student-led discussion of the following articles: Calculus Concept Inventory and Teaching Methodology, Studying Students Studying Calculus, and Chapters 2,7,8 of the MAA calculus teaching report. Non-presenters are welcome to browse these readings as they like.
November 17
Shannon 108
Presentation on implicit biases by Fred Smyth (UVa psychology). Before class students should complete at least two implicit association tests here, including the Gender-Science IAT.

Here is Fred's presentation, and here is the article we discussed about parents talking to their young children at science museums.
November 24 Thanksgiving holiday
December 1 No class this week, in exchange for the extra attendance at TWT October 3. Students are filming themselves in the classroom, then watching and critiquing the videos. Next week I'll have individual meetings to discuss the semester.

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