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The Harrison Family of Maryland
and the Ramirez Family of Louisiana


Man Working This genealogy web page is a research work in progress of the Harrison family and the Ramirez Family. The information contained in these pages is constantly being edited as new information is discovered.

Families being researched are listed below.

The genealogy files are divided into four files for easy maneuvering. Click the family name to open the genealogy file.

scrollbotton Baer Family of Pennsylvania

scrollbutton Greenfield Family of Maryland

scrollbutton Harrison Family of Maryland

scrollbutton Ramirez, Naquin, Welch, and Coulonge Families of Louisiana


new A limited number of copies of The Genealogy of Johannes Baer , originally published in 1910 by Daniel M. Baer and Bruce M. Baer, are now available! This book lists the family of Johannes Baer, of York, PA from 1749 through 1910. The 1998 reprint and revision updates some of the family files to the present day. This 300+ page book is $60 in the hardback edition and $35 in soft cover. Anyone interested may email us at address below.

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If you can add to this family information, please drop us a line at the address given below. We are happy to share our genealogy files. Please e-mail us for instructions for downloading these files.

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