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Chinese Steles: Introduction

Chinese Steles: Introduction (Chinese, translated by Mao Qiujin)

Hōryūji Reconsidered: sample pages

A Reassessment of the Representation of Mt. Wutai from Dunhuang Cave 61

Four Sichuan Buddhist Steles and the Beginnings of Pure Land Imagery in China

The Making of a Saint: Images of Xuanzang in East Asia

The Mapping of Sacred Space: Images of Buddhist Cosmographies in Medieval China

Women as Buddhist Art Patrons

Ethnicity and Identity: Northern Nomads as Buddhist Art Patrons

Maitreya Buddha Statues at the University of Pennsylvania Museum

Guanyin Images of Medieval China, 5th - 8th Centuries

Early Transmission of Esoteric Images from China to Japan in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries

The Case of Amoghapāśa

Personal Devotional Objects of Buddhist Asia

Huayan Paintings in East Asia

What's in a Buddha's Name: Case Study of a Sixth-Century Chinese Buddhist Stele from the Shaolin Monastery

Buddha Names and Repentance Rituals (Chinese)

Two Works of Japanese Art from the University of Virginia Art Museum