Grow Your Own Herb Garden
Deej Baker
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Sun - 6 hrs a day Sun-herbs need full sun, i.e., at least 6 hours of sun a day.
Water - 1 inch per 10 days Water-herbs do not like wet feet. They need an inch of water every 10 days or so.
Soil - 
good, drains well Soil-good, average soil that drains well. It is important to add organic matter to the soil to provide nutrients and to lighten up our Virginia clay.
Good additions are leaves, peat moss, and manure. Also a handful of lime or wood ashes at the time of planting will improve the ph.
Local soils tend to be acidic.

Perennials- thyme, rosemary, sages, lavender, chives, saffron crocus-fall blooming, marjoram, chives, mint.

Annuals-basil, cilantro, dill.

Biennial-parsleys-italian or curly

To grow from seed: parsley, easy but takes at least 2 weeks to germinate, be patient.
Also from seed - dill, cilantro, basil

The rest should be purchased as plants from a nursery.

Herbs can be grown in pots, either plastic, ceramic, or terra cotta. Remember plants in pots need to be watered more often. Choose a deep pot, use good potting soil, and add organic matter to the soil. Strawberry jars and whiskey kegs can grow a whole garden easily and compactly.


On the WEB -commercial, great photos, good search engine, and "design a garden" feature. -general gardening info, excellent tv show -internet gardening community, reliable info, variety of resources listed -Virtual Garden-Time Life plant encyclopedia, commercial -commercial, general gardening info - for amateurs, see Yard Art feature


LOCAL NURSERIES: Will have all varieties available by May.
Sunnyboy - Earlysville. About 250 varieties of herbs that they grow themselves, open Sundays, can order a catalog by phone 974-7350.
Elzroths & Thompson- Rt. 29 S. About 100 varieties, locally grown.
Ivy Nursery-Rt.250W. About 100 varieties locally grown.
Snow's Garden Center- Avon St. extd., closed Sunday. Not as many, but the basics.


Search "herbs" in Virgo for books. Most are in Fine Arts and Sci Eng
Public library also has some gardening books
Bookstores have many titles.

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