Proposal Planning Workshop


Workshop Info

Dates: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 (Part 1: Introduction to JWST) & Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 (Part 2: Hands-on Introduction to the Proposal Tools)
Location: NRAO Auditorium
Times: 10am - 4pm
Registration: Please register by Wednesday, Feb. 12 using this form

NOTICE - Please bring a laptop to both sessions with the necessary proposal tools already downloaded (see Proposal Tools).

Students are also encouraged to attend our student-focused workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 11 from 3:30-4:45pm in the Astronomy conference room during ASTR 8500.

Program Day 1 (Feb. 18)
10:00-11:15am Introduction to the JWST Mission
11:15-11:30am Morning Break
11:30-12:30pm Overview of JWST Instruments & Observing Modes
12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break
1:30-2:15pm Guide to JWST Observing Strategies
2:15-3:00pm Description of the JWST Proposal Preparation Tools
3:00-3:10pm Afternoon Break
3:10-3:30pm Early Release Science & Guaranteed Time Observing Programs
3:30-4:00pm JWST Policy

Slides from Day 1

Program Day 2 (Feb. 24)
10:00-12:00pm Walkthrough ETC & APT Example 1 (Morning Break Midway)
12:00-1:00pm Lunch Break
1:00-2:00pm STScI Help Desk
2:00-4:00pm Walkthrough ETC & APT Example 2 (Afternoon Break Midway)

Workshop Q&A - Answers from STScI

General JWST Info

JWST User Documentation (JDox)
- see "Cycle 1 Call for Proposals" pages on the left-hand side menu of JDox
- see "Getting Started Guide" on the left-hand side menu of JDox

JWST Pocket Guide

JWST Science Planning Resources

Cycle 1 Proposal Deadline: November 24, 2020 at 8pm ET

Note: Proposals must be submitted for review using the dual anonymous format.

Proposal Tools

Everyone will need to do the following:
Set up your own MyST Account
Access the online Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) (Cycle 1 final version 1/27/2020)
Download the Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT) (Cycle 1 final version 3/5/2020)
Install conda/astroconda
Install the General Target Visibility Tool (GTVT)
Install the Background Tool (JBT)

These additional tools may also be useful:
Please check out the Other Tools on JDox
Quick Pandeia installation instructions

More JWST Help

Video Tutorials

Example Science Programs (with ETC and APT demos)

Masterclass Materials - More details and examples
High Constranst Imaging, IFUs, Mosaics, Moving Targets, Multi-object Spectroscopy, Parallels, Time Series, Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy & General Info

Selecting NIRCam Readout Patterns


UVA JWST Workshop & General Proposal Help

Dana Anderson

Christian Eistrup

JWST Proposal Help from STScI

JWST Help Desk

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