About Me

Casey Eggleston - Social Psychology

I am a graduate student in the Social Psychology program at the University of Virginia. I graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2009 and now live in Charlottesville with my husband Jonathan Eggleston, an Economics PhD student at UVa. I am currently involved in research with 3 faculty members at UVa - Tim Wilson, Shige Oishi, and Jerry Clore (see Research section for more info about my current projects).

Recently, I have also gotten involved with the Open Science Framework's Reproducibility Project, which is exploring the replicability of psychological effects through a large-scale, collaborative effort to replicate findings published in top psychology journals.

In addition to my work in psychology, I have been gaining experience in the field of survey research through my work at the UVa Center for Survey Research, where I have been serving as a graduate research analyst working under Tom Guterbock.