Teaching at UVA: all materials for classes will be posted on Collab.

Office Hours for Spring 2017: by appointment

Spring 2017: Math 7600 (Homological Algebra) (class webpage)
                    Math 7800 (Algebraic Topology I) (class webpage)

Fall 2016: Math 3000 (Transition to Higher Mathematics)

Spring 2016: Math 7752 (Algebra II) (class webpage)

Fall 2015: Math 7751 (Algebra I) (class webpage)

Spring 2015: Math 7754 (Algebra IV: Quivers) (class webpage)

Fall 2014: Math 2310 (Calculus III)

Fall 2013: Math 5657 (Bilinear Forms and Group Representations)

Teaching at Northeastern: Spring 2013: Graduate reading course from Chriss and Ginzburg's book Representation Theory and Complex Geometry
Fall 2012: Math 2341 (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
Spring 2011: Math 5102: Analysis I & Math 7392: Topics in Geometry (symplectic geometry and GIT)
Fall 2011: Math 1341 (Calculus 1 for Science and Engineering).

Teaching at Oregon: In Spring 2011, I taught 2 courses. All the information for them will be on the respective course's webpage
Math 253: Calculus III
Math 683: Representation Theory III

Teaching at MIT:
Fall 2009: Intro to Number Theory
Spring 2009: Project Lab in Mathematics (jointly with Paul Seidel)
Fall 2008: led section for multi-variable calculus under the supervision of Denis Auroux.

Teaching at Berkeley: Led section for calculus and multi-variable calculus as a graduate student instructor at Berkeley under the supervision of Alan Weinstein and Hung-Hsi Wu.