Here are some slides and notes from talks I have given. For a more complete list, see my CV.

Research talks

Knot invariants via quantizations of Hecke modifications

from KIW (slides)
from IPAM (slides)

Three-dimensional mirror symmetry: a mathematical perspective

from Perimeter (slides)

Representation theory of symplectic singularities

from Rice (slides)
from Waterloo (slides)
from Cornell (slides)
from Glasgow (slides)
from GMU (slides)
from LSU (slides)
from Imperial (slides)

Annular homology and Hochschild homology

from KITT (slides)

Symplectic duality for hyperk\"ahler quotients

from the Perimeter Institute (slides)

Unexpected gradings in representation theory

from NCSU (slides)

Gradings on ($q$-)Schur algebras and quiver representations

from Loyola (slides)

The discreet charm of the Coulomb branch

from Warwick (slides)
from the University of Michigan (slides)
from UNC (slides)

Uniqueness (or lack thereof) for categorified restrictions

from Mexico City (slides)
from DC AMS meeting (slides)

Generalized category O for symplectic singularities

from Lyon (slides)

Category O and KLR algebras

from Oberwolfach (slides)

On isomorphisms of categorified sl(n) knot invariants

from Zurich (slides)
from Paris (slides)
from Greensboro AMS meeting (slides)
from DC AMS meeting (slides)

Evidence for S-duality from quantization

from Geneva (slides)

Pictures of Cherednik algebras

from Caen (slides)

Actions of Lie algebras on categories

Representation Theory Seminar, UC Berkeley (slides)

Category O for a quiver variety/Representation theory of symplectic singularities

From the Simons Center (slides)
From colloquium at Columbia (slides)
From "Representation theory and sympectic algebraic geometry" (slides)
From ``Higher structures, etc.'' (slides: talk one, slides: talk two, slides: talk three)
From ``Geometry of derived categories and representation theory'' (slides)
From the Auslander conference (slides)

How to convert a quiver variety into a categorical action

From Oberwolfach (slides)

Categorification and Mirkovic-Vilonen polytopes

From GASC at Northeastern (slides)
From the SE Lie Theory conference (slides)

Categorification, Lie algebras and topology

From "25 years of the representation theory of quantum groups" in Banff (slides)
From the Mike Freedman birthday conference in Berkeley (slides)
From the Workshop on Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and their Representations in Riverside (slides)
From Northeastern (slides).
From the Oregon algebra seminar (slides).

Hypertoric (and other) categories O

For the RIMS representation theory seminar (slides)

q-Fock space and quiver Schur algebras

From the Osaka representation theory seminar (slides).

Categorifying Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants

A 3-part series given at the Categorification Meeting in Faro: part I, part II, part III
and a similar version from a small conference at RIMS (slides part I, part II, part III)
from a colloquium I gave at LSU: (slides) and the Lie groups seminar at Cornell (slides)
at the MSRI Knot Homology Research workshop (slides)
at UT Austin (slides)
at the MSRI Knot Homology Introductory workshop (slides)

Expository talks

Representation theory through the lens of categorical actions

four lectures in Sydney (Slides: talk 1, talk 2, talk 3).

Symmetric groups and Lie algebras

From LSU (slides).

Untying knots: topology, DNA, and coloring

From LSU (slides).

Knot homology and KLR algebras

from CRM in Montreal (Slides: talk 1, talk 2. Videos: talk 1, talk 2, talk 3)

Course on higher representation theory

from IHP in Paris. Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9, (10 doesn't seem to be posted).
Slides for the lectures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.