Rules and Regulations

It is important for students to be aware of these rules and regulations which may change throughout the course. Changes will be announced in class, and all changes will be listed on the website. Students are responsible for keeping up with the Course Rules and Regulations as stated on the website.

  1. Attendance policy: Attendance is not taken, but you are responsible for all assigned material, whether it is presented in lecture or not. You are also responsible for knowing the problem assignments and for any announcements of changes in the schedule that may be made in lecture.
  2. Illness (as an excuse) must always be established in writing (e-mail is acceptable).
  3. If you do not submit an assignment on time or miss an exam (including being late and for illness), you will receive a grade of zero, unless you have prearranged approval by your professor. Messages of any kind including, but not limited to, email, telephone message, oral messages of any kind, notes delivered by a third party, etc., are not acceptable by themselves without a response by your professor. Any oral approval given by your professor must be confirmed in writing.
  4. There will be no rescheduling of exams or quizzes to accomodate individual students. Exams and quizzes are excused only for instructor-approved personal or family medical emergencies, official university travel, or certain religious holidays. Leaving town for anything else including, but not limited to, vacations, family reunions, concerts, Nobel prize receptions, White House dinners, athletic events for non-participants, etc., will not be an acceptable excuse for missing an exam or quiz or for not turning in homework.
  5. No makeup midterm exams will be given. Missed exams receive a grade of zero unless an excused absence is granted by the professor before the exam. In the unusual circumstance that an exam is excused, the remaining exams will be averaged to form the midterm exam score for final grading, that is, the remaining midterm exams will comprise the entire 35% of the students grade. Students should not depend on this happening.
  6. Each student enrolled in the course will receive a grade at the end of term; a grade of incomplete will not be used. If, for whatever reason, you cannot keep up with the course requirements then you are expected to withdraw from the course. The last day to withdraw from the course is listed as October 22 for the College of Arts and Sciences.
  7. The excused absence and make-up policy of quizzes in your discussion section are at the discretion of your discussion section TA. If you have concerns regarding policies in your discussion section, you may discuss them with Mr. Norum, but be aware that the course policy allows significant leeway to the section TA to set appropriate policies.
  8. Exam seating will be adjusted according to instructor preference. Only approved calculators, and writing instruments will be allowed during exams. No personal electronics (cell phones, music players, etc.) will be allowed to be accessible during the exam. Photographs of the class during the exam may be taken to ensure exam integrity.
  9. You may work together on the homework, but you must personally work out the solution you submit to MasteringPhysics yourself.
  10. No make-ups or other special arrangments will be made for the iClicker in-class quizzes. It is the students responsibility to have their iClicker in class and functioning in order to participate in this graded activity.
  11. It is obviously an honor requirement that each student operate only their own iClicker. Under no circumstances should any student use another student's iClicker. Any instance of a student operating two iClickers in class should be brought to the professor's attention immediately.
  12. Please be considerate of fellow students and minimize all distractions. Naturally, you must silence your cell phones before class, and only use laptop or tablet computers (the shiny screens distract your fellow students) if you are sitting in the very last row. The acoustics in the back of the lecture hall aren't great, so it doesn't take much whispered conversation to make the lecture unintelligible. If you are having trouble hearing the lecture, please wave/jump/shout to get the instructor's attention and let them know!