Registration and Course Materials

Registration Issues

  1. You must register for both a discussion section and the lecture simultaneously.

  2. If you later find out either the discussion or the lecture section does not fit your schedule, you need to dis-enroll BOTH and re-enroll again. If a section is full, you will lose your place in the course (or on the waitlist) when you do this, and so will be put at the end of the waitlist for the section. We had a lot of trouble with this during the add/drop weeks last year. If you are stuck in this trap, contact Mr. Norum for advice.


Walker, Physics with Mastering Physics 4th Edition, ISBN 0-321-54163-4

Note that this is the newest edition. The 3rd edition is still in circulation and we know of no reason that it would not be sufficient, provided that you also purchase access to the MasteringPhysics website.

We suggest the following textbook purchase options.

  1. Text book with Mastering Physics from the UVa bookstore: $226.70 (new).
  2. Text book with Mastering Physics from Amazon: $174 (new) or other online retailer. In this case, remember to get it EARLY. Web retailers often run short of stock at the beginning of the semester, stranding students who have purchased the book online but are stuck waiting several weeks for delivery. It is a student responsibility to acquire the textbook before the first class meeting; no exemptions for homeworks or quizzes will be granted due to textbook delivery problems. Also, be sure that the book you are buying comes with a valid access code for MasteringPhysics, otherwise, you will have to purchase that independently (see below).
  3. A used 3rd or 4th edition textbook from bookstore or web retailer. In this case, you may purchase "Mastering Physics" independently, directly from the publisher's website: $56.30. Note: you must register MasteringPhysics under the 4th edition no matter which hard copy of textbook you have.
  4. Mastering physics with E-book directly from the publisher's website: $101.00.

The "Student Study Guide and Selected Solutions Manual" associated with this text book is also available. It is optional and you are not required to buy this. We have heard mixed reviews from students about its usefulness.

Mastering Physics:

No matter which purchase option you choose, you need to register on-line in order to use MasteringPhysics. We strongly encourage you do so before or during the first week of class, and to work the "introductory" assignment (which is not graded) to get used to the interface.

  1. IMPORTANT: Please register under the 4th edition of Walker, Physics (regardless of what version of textbook you have).
  2. Some instructions for how to register online can be found here.
  3. The course ID required for registering your MasteringPhysics work to your specific lecture section are listed here.
  4. IMPORTANT: When registering, use your UVa computing/email ID in the field "student ID", not your UVa student ID and never use your SSN.
  5. If you switch lecture sections after registering to MasteringPhysics, there is a multistep process to change to the correct lecture section. Contact Mr. Norum for help.

iClickers (Student Response System Transmitters):

Every student will be required to have an iClicker transmitter in class to personally respond to various conceptual and/or numerical questions throughout the lectures. Interaction through the clicker system will significantly improve your engagement in the lecture and improve your understanding of the material at hand. The transmitters allow you to respond anonymously; they are for sale at the Newcomb Hall University Bookstore.

Old iClicker? A new version of the iClicker (the "iClicker 2") has apparently been released. This has some new features which seem nice but are non-essential. I have been assured that we will retain backward compatibility with the iClicker1, so you should be able to use either the new iClicker2 or the older iClicker1 in this course.

Register your iClicker When you have purchased your transmitter, you must register its ID number so we can know when to credit you for answering. The transmitter registration is done via UVaCollab and is specific to this course. (There is a separate registration system operated through the iClicker website; we do not use that registration system for this course.) You cannot earn any credit before your clicker is registered. Please do register it right away; quiz scores will become relevant as early as the second class.