Homework Assignments

All problem sets will be administered through the MasteringPhysics website. Most, but not all, of the homework problems correspond to end-of-chapter problems in the textbook.

For each homework assignment, you must submit your answers on MasteringPhysics. Because the numbers in the problems are randomized, you must log on to MasteringPhysics with your login and password and obtain your personal assignment for the week. Note that you must finish by the posted time on the due date or your grade will be zero.


  1. The due date and time for each assignment is shown on MasteringPhysics. Each assignment is typically posted about one week before the due date. No extra credit or makeup assignments will be given. Keep up! Any request for an extension should be made before the due date, not after.

  2. Collaboration on homework problems: We encourage you to discuss homework problems with each other and to work out together methods of solution. Our experience has been that it is valuable for you to work the homework problems by yourself before seeking help. While discussing problems is encouraged, the homework answer that you submit to MasteringPhysics must be your own that you calculate. While the assignments for the three lecture sections will typically be the same, they are not guaranteed to be identical (including the due date and time).