Exams and Grading

Midterm Exams:

Three midterm tests will be given at the dates and times shown in the syllabus. The tests will be administered during regular class time. The tests will consist of multiple choice questions.

Important: No makeup midterm exams will be given. Missed exams receive a grade of zero unless an excused absence is granted by the professor before the exam. In the unusual circumstance that an exam is excused, the remaining exams will be averaged to form the midterm exam score for final grading, that is, the remaining midterm exams will comprise the entire 50% of the students grade. Students should not depend on this happening.

Final Exam Schedule:

Section 1: Monday, December 9, 14:00-17:00, Room 203

Section 2: Tuesday, December 17, 09:00-12:00, Room 203

Section 3: Tuesday, December 10, 14:00-17:00, Room 203


Final grades will be determined by the following distributions:

Final Exam35%
Three Midterm Exams50%
Lecture Quizzes (Clickers)5%
Discussion Section Quizzes5%

Lecture Quizzes (iClickers):

iClicker responses to questions given during lecture will be graded according to the following rules. The specific format for scored iClicker questions will be determined by the individual instructor.

Each correct answer will be awarded 2 points, while an incorrect response will be awarded 1 point to encourage participation. The Lecture quiz contribution to the final course score will be taken as 5% times the ratio of the total clicker points accumulated over the course of the semester to 60% of the total clicker points available, but to a maximum of 5%.

Example: Assume an average of 4 questions are asked in each of the 25 lectures, for a total of 200 Lecture Quiz points possible over the semester. A iClicker point total of 120 or more would lead to full credit for the Lecture Quiz portion of the grade (5%), while a point total of 100 would translate to a contribution of 100/120*5% = 4.17%.