Calculus II, Fall 2009

Instructor: Andrew Obus
email: obus [at]
office: Mathematics 609
phone: 212-854-6240



Section 001: MW 11:00-12:15, Mathematics 417.

TAs: Mark Branson (mbranson [at], Andra Mihali (alm2171 [at], Vivian Wang (vw2144 [at]

Section 002: MW 2:40-3:55, Mathematics 417.

TAs: Daniel Kotzen (dk2383 [at], Victoria Tsang (vlt2102 [at]

Please ask questions if anything in lecture is unclear. Lectures will run the entire 75 minutes. Please show up on time!

Schedule of Lectures


Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 6th ed., by James Stewart. This is available at the Columbia Bookstore, on, and in the Mathematics Library.


The main topics are integration and series, although we will also have a small unit on parametric equations and polar coordinates. This material corresponds to most of chapters 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 of Stewart.

Expected Background: You are expected to have a good background in one variable differential calculus. This includes the meaning of the derivative as well as computation of the derivative (including the chain rule). Also, you should know the meaning of a definite integral as an area under a curve, and you should be able to compute antiderivatives by u-substitution. Most importantly, you must be very comfortable with your pre-calculus. In my experience teaching this class, the students who do the best are those whose algebra and trigonometry are the most solid (not necessarily those whose calculus backgrounds are the most extensive). You will need to be able to compute trigonometric functions of angles whose measures are multiples of 30 and 45 degrees on exams.

If you have any questions concerning your background, please speak to me.

Office Hours

Mondays 4:00-5:00, Fridays 1:30-2:30. Mathematics 609 (my office). If these times do not work for you, we can try to set up an appointment.


Homework will usually be due on Wednesdays, although occasionally it will be due on Mondays. It is due IN CLASS. If you are going to miss class for whatever reason, you must either submit the homework to my box outside of Mathematics 410 BEFORE the beginning of class, or have a friend submit your homework in class. Late or improperly submitted homework will never be accepted. If you know in advance you will be unable to turn in homework when it is due, you should plan to turn it in ahead of time. If you have a conflict with a religious holiday, you must let me know BEFORE the fact. I will not be sympathetic if you do not tell me in advance. I will drop your lowest homework score to allow for missed assignments or for assignments that pose special difficulty.

Homework must be neat, well-organized, and legible. In addition, it must be STAPLED or PAPER CLIPPED (no folding over the top-left corner or anything like that). Please write in paragraphs, sentences, and English words (oh my!) when they are called for. The TA should not have to decipher what you are doing--you should be clear and unambiguous about your methods on a homework problem.

Each homework will be graded out of either 40 or 60 points. On each assignment, 6 or 9 problems will be graded (the same 6 or 9 on everyone's assignment), worth 5 points each. 10 or 15 additional points will be available for general completion of the assignment.

Schedule of Homework


Midterms will be in class on Wednesday October 7th, and Wednesday November 11th. If you have a conflict with one of these days, you must let me know now. Another exam on the same day is not considered a conflict.

The final exam is on Monday, December 21st, from 9:00AM-Noon for Section 001. It is on Wednesday, December 23rd, from 1:10PM-4:00PM for Section 002.

Calculators are not permitted on exams.

Final Course Grades

20% Homework
20% Each Midterm
40% Final Exam

It is possible for exceptional class participation to be factored into the homework grade.

Academic Dishonesty

I will tolerate no cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic dishonesty. Cheating on an exam will result in an automatic grade of zero for that exam. For more serious matters, the Office of Academic Affairs may be contacted.

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