Alan M. Taylor

Souder Family Professor of Arts and Sciences

Department of Economics, University of Virginia

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research

email   phone +1 434 924-3607

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 NEW    American Economic Review

Schularick & Taylor “Credit Booms Gone Bust: Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles and Financial Crises, 1870–2008   NBER WP 15512    Dataset


 NEW    IMF Economic Review

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “Financial Crises, Credit Booms, and External Imbalances: 140 Years of Lessons   NBER WP 16567


 NEW    American Economic Journal Macroeconomics

Obstfeld, Shambaugh & Taylor “Financial Stability, the Trilemma, and International Reserves   NBER WP 14217


 NEW    American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings

Obstfeld, Shambaugh & Taylor “Financial Instability, Reserves, and Central Bank Swap Lines in the Panic of 2008   NBER WP 14826


 NEW    Review of Economics and Statistics

Glick & Taylor “Collateral Damage: Trade Disruption and the Economic Impact of War   NBER WP 11565    Dataset


 FORTHCOMING    Review of Economics and Statistics

Estevadeordal & Taylor “Is the Washington Consensus Dead? Growth, Openness, and the Great Liberalization, 1970s–2000s   NBER WP 14264


 FORTHCOMING    Journal of International Economics

Jordà & Taylor “The Carry Trade and Fundamentals: Nothing to Fear But FEER Itself   NBER WP 15518



Jordà & Taylor “Performance Evaluation of Zero Net-Investment Strategies   NBER WP 17150



Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “When Credit Bites Back: Leverage, Business Cycles, and Crises   NBER WP 17621   CEPR DP 8678



Taylor “The Great Leveraging   NBER WP 18290