Working papers

1) Trade, Merchants and Lost Cities of the Bronze Age, with Gojko Barjamovic, Thomas Chaney and Ali Hortacsu, October 2017 (NBER WP 23992, CEPR DP 12408, Neubauer Collegium link, featured in New York Times, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, Washing Post), revision requested by the Quarterly Journal of Economics

2) Comparative Advantages, Trade and Endogenous Borders, with Roberto Bonfatti, July 2017

3) Shipping inside the Box: Containerization and Trade, with Banu Demir, January 2017, (CEPR DP 11750, featured in VoxEu) revision requested by the Journal of International Economics

4) Adjusting to Trade Liberalization: Reallocation and Labor Market Policies, January 2013

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