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At The Fallacy Files Website, an extensive taxonomy of fallacies may be found. Based from Drew Curtis's, a user idsfa maintains a gallery of cute labels to illustrate and summarize the nature of these fallacies. (There are a few other people whose contributions I've added.) This page is created to facillitate identifying the relationship between the illustrated fallacies, and to encourage idsfa to get around to eventually completing this (silly) illustration process.

Illustrations are linked to where idsfa was last noticed storing them; the actual pictures are mirrored on this server. Where fallacies were not in the original taxonomy, I have added them according to my best judgement. Text links go back to the original information at the Fallacy Files.

See also this, for contrast.

Formal Fallacy Bad Reasons Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy
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Non Sequitur

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Argumentum ad Imaginibus
Fallacy of Modal Logic Modal Scope Fallacy
Fallacy of Propositional Logic Affirming a Disjunct
Affirming the Consequent
Commutation of Conditionals
Denying a Conjunct
Denying the Antecedent
Improper Transposition
Fallacy of Quantificational Logic Existential Fallacy
Illicit Conversion
Quantifier Shift
Some Are/Some Are Not
Masked Man Fallacy
Probabilistic Fallacy
The Base Rate Fallacy
The Conjunction Fallacy
The Gambler's Fallacy
The Hot Hand Fallacy
Syllogistic Fallacy Affirmative Conclusion from a Negative Premiss
Exclusive Premisses
Four-Term Fallacy Ambiguous Middle
Illicit Process Illicit Major
Illicit Minor
Negative Conclusion from Affirmative Premisses
Undistributed Middle
Informal Fallacy Accident Appeal to Nature
Ambiguity Accent
Amphiboly Scope Fallacy Modal Scope Fallacy (see above)
Quantifier Shift (see above)
Ambiguous Middle (see above)
Redefinition No True Scotsman
Quoting Out of Context
Appeal to Ignorance

Begging the Question
Loaded Words Appeal to Nature (see above)
Question-Begging Analogy
Bare Assertion
Black-or-White Fallacy
Non Causa Pro Causa Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
The Regression Fallacy
Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Red Herring

Appeal to Consequences
Appeal to Force
Broken Window Fallacy
Wishful Thinking
Bandwagon Fallacy
Emotional Appeal Wishful Thinking (see above)
Argumentum ad Odium
Argumentum ad Verbosium
Arguementum ad Nauseam
Genetic Fallacy Argumentum ad Hominem Appeal to Motive
Appeal to Ridicule
Poisoning the Well
Tu Quoque
Argumentum ad Mominem
Appeal to Misleading Authority
Appeal to Age Appeal to Novelty
Appeal to Tradition
Appeal to Celebrity Argumentum ad TotalFark

Appeal to Money Appeal to Poverty
Appeal to Wealth
Appeal to Popularity
Etymological Fallacy
Guilt by Association
The Hitler Card
Straw Man
Two Wrongs Make a Right Tu Quoque (see above)
Special Pleading
Vagueness Appeal to Nature (see above)
Fake Precision
Moving the Goalpost
No True Scottsman (see above)
Slippery Slope

Weak Analogy
Question-Begging Analogy (see above)
Unrepresentative Sample
Hasty Generalization
The Anecdotal Fallacy
Miscelaneous Fallacy Loaded Question
Argumentum Ad Spaghetti

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